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Browse through our candle colour collections and find the perfect item for your home.

As the coloured candle experts, Southern Lights Candle Co is proud to offer an extensive library of over 44 colours across a wide range of candle shapes, sizes, and styles.

Our colour library includes a comprehensive catalogue of classic, contemporary, and on-trend hues from every member of the colour family, providing our customers with endless styling opportunities.  Explore the collection online or join our social media feed for regular colour inspiration from professional industry stylists and talented home decorators, keeping abreast of the latest shades as they launch.

Whether you want to create a warm, cool, or neutral palette, we have colour covered.  Warm colour families of red, orange, and yellow reflect passion, happiness, enthusiasm, and energy, providing extensive decorating options.  Use a combination of softer hues to create earthy, seasonal centrepieces or darker shades atop dining tables to radiate elegance and passion.

Blush tones of heritage rose and dusty pink combine for boho, vintage romance.  Whisper soft lemon yellow adds a sunny sweep of colour, whilst contemporary baked clay and orange candle colours can even lend themselves to festive Halloween displays.

Cool colour families of blue, green, and purple exude a sense of calm and serenity. Bold tones of steel and navy refresh while lighter, pastel tones effectively relax a space.  Secondary shades of green bring the outdoors in with hues of pale eucalypt, sage, mint, and lime, while purple perfectly balances the spectrum with shades of lilac and plum to ground a setting or to bring a natural sense of luxe to a space.

Rounding out the collection is the most versatile palette of our candle colour family, neutrals.  From pure black to silver grey, latte and classic white, this hard-working palette is a styling staple for designers and decorators alike.

Black effortlessly conveys sophistication while greys, chocolate, and natural tones pair perfectly with furnishings and allow bolder pops of colour to shine. 

Understanding and implementing the principals of colour families can help guide the styling of your unique candlelight vision. Whether you want to create a warm, cool, or neutral candle colour palette, or combine your favourite shades to achieve colour harmony, it’s easy to do so with the coloured candle selection from Southern Lights Candle Co.

Explore the extensive options online to curate your bespoke candle colour combination today.

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