Pillar Candles

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There's something romantic about large pillar candles. Simple and sophisticated for all senses of style.

Pillar candles evoke a sense of timeless tradition, perfect for creating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere in any setting.  Favoured by wedding coordinators, event stylists and home decorators for their stunning presence and stable, long burning qualities, unscented pillar candles are the preferred choice for styling churches, receptions, and a host of other formal events.

As versatile as they are functional, effortlessly create a classic ceremonial look with a signature single candle or an impressive luxury centrepiece with grouped pillars in varying heights, paired with our range of glassware and holders, to reflect the soft glow of pillar candlelight for hours.  Our pillar candles and matching glass cylinder centrepiece sets come in a variety of sizes.

Mix and match different widths and heights to create interest and drama.  Perfect as aisle candles, ceremony backdrops, table centrepieces or for styling luxury reception entrances.  Achieve your unique home styling or event vision with over 44 colours across a spectrum of shades.

From traditional tints, to seasonal brights and subtle hues, there is a colour to suit every theme, event, and style. In addition to our extensive colour range, Southern Lights Candle Co also offers an affordable event range of pillar candles.  Available in a selected range of traditional event colours, ranging from small to large pillar candles, they are competitively priced and provide excellent value for customers purchasing wholesale pillar candles, bulk pillar quantities or event sets for larger events.

Crafted to high quality standards and using the finest raw materials, each candle is finished with a 100% cotton, lead-free wick for a bright, clean, drip-free burn.  No mess or soot, just hours of beautiful candlelight that will outlast the longest of dinner parties or wedding receptions.

Light up your living space or bring a sensory safe timeless ambience to any event with the range of unscented pillar candles from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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