Candle Centrepiece Sets

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Create a glamorous candle holder table centrepiece. Candle centrepieces are perfect for weddings and special events.

Instant impact on a budget, our candle centrepiece sets are perfect for creating affordable and impressive luminous displays.  A wedding styling favourite, they softly illuminate an aisle, brighten a ceremony backdrop, or feature as a stunning candle holder table centrepiece.

An affordable way to create an atmosphere at any event, centrepiece sets effortlessly bring a chic style to bar tops, elegance to entrances and a sense of timelessness to any tablescape.  Home decorators can enhance a living space with the visual interest of centrepiece sets or create a unique candle holder table centrepiece for a dinner party or a festive gathering.

Experiment with adding garden greenery or textured seasonal objects such as pinecones and seashells to create impressive, seasonal displays.  Available in an extensive combination of sizes, shapes, and widths to suit any theme, venue, or budget, explore the selection of floating, pillar, hand poured soy, or the Moreton Eco candle range to find the perfect candle centrepiece set to suit your space and unique sense of style.

Our floating candle centrepieces create an enchanting atmosphere, illusively suspending candles mid-air, resulting in an impressive, ethereal display.  Pillar candle centrepiece sets are popular for their long burning qualities, ideal for creating a soothing, reliable, ambient candlelight environment that will outlast the longest of events.  The quality of our hand-poured soy candles are industry renowned whilst the Moreton Eco collection provides customers with an environmentally friendly, candlelight solution. 

Find the shade you love with a selection of the centrepiece sets featuring colour options from classic tints to seasonal shades.  Personalise your candlelight display or coordinate with a wedding or event colour palette to achieve your unique vision.  Encased in high quality glassware, enjoy the clean burning flame of our superior candles, designed to reflect the glow of candlelight for hours on end. 

Affordable quality, create maximum impact, interest, and beauty in any space with the range of centrepiece sets from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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