Tea light holders are sweet, small, and safe. Tea light candle holders are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and more.

Tealight and votive candle holders are an affordable and easy way to elevate everyday ambience or to bring a delicate shimmer to special occasions.  With their petite size and gentle glow, glass tealight holders are particularly effective when clustered together into centrepieces. 

Gently illuminate a dining table, add decorative touches to a living space or dot throughout a tablescape to brighten an event.  Extremely versatile, votive and tealight candle holders provide ultimate styling and theming flexibility.  Simply swap out candle colours, scents, or sizes to complement your mood, match a theme or coordinate with interior décor.  Pair with our extensive collection of dinner and taper candles and team with seasonal florals to complete your tabletop look. 

Available in a range of range of textures, heights and shapes, there is a design to suit every theme, or purpose.  Explore the styles available from vintage to romantic, modern to minimal to find your favourite.  Each holder is made from exceptionally high-quality materials to securely encase candles, providing a sheltered and stable vessel for long burning and confident all-night entertaining.

Customise your tealight candle holders by pairing with matching candles from our extensive range. The options are endless with a spectrum of over 40 colours available from seasonal shades to traditional tints. Further personalise your candlelight experience with a signature scent, choosing from fresh, fruit or floral fragrances to grounding notes of wood and spice.

Votive and tealight holders are an inexpensive and thoughtful gift.  Popular as wedding bonbonnieres, pair with a coloured or scented candle to match your wedding theme, providing guests with a meaningful and memorable memento.  A thoughtful house-warming present choose from an array of vintage and modern designs and matching candles that will gift a stylish accent to any new home. 

Explore the stunning range of votive and tealight candle holders online to find the holder that best complements your unique styling vision and candle needs.

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