Votive candles can add a sophisticated touch to any living space. We offer singular candles and votive candles bulk.

Bring a warm glow and add a clear beautiful light to any room with our signature unscented votive candle range.

The perfect middle ground between large pillars and small tea lights, unscented votive candles are a popular choice for wedding receptions, banquets, and dinner parties, as they affordably and easily add a flawless finishing touch to tabletop displays whilst providing the perfect amount of ambient candlelight.

Commonly used by home staging professionals and stylists, our versatile, unscented range is designed to provide endless styling options to complement any décor.

Pair with our range of high-quality glass votive holders to extend burn time and create a stunning, candlelight display.  Use sleek contemporary styles to add modern beauty to a space or diffuse candlelight through vintage inspired designs to create a bespoke antique inspired arrangement.

Add a splash of colour and creativity with over 40 candle colours available, ranging from the latest in seasonal trends to ever-popular traditional tints.  Cost-effective colour for large scale events, coordinate with your wedding colour palette to achieve a seamless, stylish vision from the bouquets to the reception.

Affordable and beautiful, votive candles make ideal wedding favours or event gifts with a colour to suit every theme, motif, or personal sense of style.

For more sizable events, explore our Event range of white unscented votive candles.  Designed to meet the needs of event coordinators, stylists, and function venues, purchase votive candles bulk or in multipacks for convenient and affordable options to style medium to large-scaled events.

Made from quality ingredients, including premium wax and lead-free 100% cotton wicks, our collection of unscented votive candles produce a clean burning, calm flame that provides an uninterrupted ambience all year round.

Explore the range of unscented votive candles and experience the renowned quality of the Southern Lights Candle Co collection today.

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