Taper Candles and Dinner Candles

Taper candles are perfect for dinner parties and entertaining. Dinner candles for all occasions.

Set the mood and illuminate the occasion with the timeless, elegant beauty of dinner and taper candles.  A simple and effective way to add a touch of class to any meal, taper and dinner candles are the classic dining table décor of choice for intimate restaurants, formal receptions, and home dining rooms.

Available in a brilliant and beautiful wide ranging colour palette to suit classic and contemporary styles, there is a hue for every design aesthetic, whether you favour a classic, rustic, contemporary or minimalistic look.  Cluster a collection of multicoloured taper or dinner candles to create a dynamic table setting or use neutral tones to balance a bright modern space.

Create a cohesive tablescape by coordinating florals, linens, and cutlery, or choose from varying candle heights to strike a balance between whimsy and sophisticated.  Elevate your dining room table with our collection of perfectly paired candle holders or enjoy candlelight outdoors with our glass cylinder sleeves, designed to reflect, and protect your candlelight glow for hours on end.

Unscented, this collection of dinner and taper candles are designed to burn cleanly, evenly, and drip-free, allowing you and your guests to effortlessly engage in conversation whilst enjoying the mesmerising, sophisticated atmosphere of candlelight.  Environmentally friendly, these dinner and taper candles are sustainably and ethically sourced, using renewable ingredients including 100% vegetable stearin, natural dyes, and lead-free cotton wicks resulting in high quality candles that look as good as they make you feel.

Always stunning and never out of fashion, tapered and dinner candles enhance interiors and heighten the atmosphere of any table.  We provide a range of classic sizes, extensive colours, and affordable options to purchase dinner and taper candles bulk or individually to help you achieve your unique event vision or personal dining style.

Browse one of the most popular ranges of dinner and taper candles Australia-wide and experience the renowned quality of Southern Light Candle Co today.

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