Relax watching candles floating across the water. Floating candles are perfect for baths, fountains, and special events.

Floating candles are one of the most effective ways to create a soft and magical atmosphere both indoors and out.  Whilst extremely popular as wedding centrepieces, they are easily adapted to complement any home décor or occasion. 

Styling options are endless and can be tailored to suit a variety of environments and themes.  Style in our matching tall cylinder vases to bring instant atmosphere to a casual summer table.  The clear glass vases allow for a transparent view across tabletops, allowing for unimpeded conversation and contact with guests.  Styled solo they create an interesting, interior focal point, or admirably elevate an entrance with a comforting sense of glow.

Add elegance and sparkle to outdoor parties by adding floating water candles to pools, ponds, water features or fountains.  The flickering flame of the light softly reflects the movement of water, creating an ethereal ambience for hours on end. 

Available in a carefully curated selection of colours and sizes, mix and match with our coordinated glassware to design a unique tablescape or outdoor water feature, tailored to your specific style and space. Our classic collection of white floating candles and matching vases are available as event sets.  Choose from a variety of heights from small to large floating candles and enjoy the benefit of bulk pack buys. 

Perfect for larger events or for storing away for seasonal entertaining.  Our legendary floating candles are known for their high quality and long burn time.  Round and lightweight, they are designed to burn clean and evenly while effortlessly floating.  Use both indoors and out to create a distinctive atmosphere and ambience. 

Bring warmth to a table setting, create a romantic reception, or an enchanting outdoor event.  From whimsical to elegant, floating candles can be styled to suit any theme or occasion.  The possibilities are endless!  Purchase floating candles online, 24-hours a day and add a little something special to your event or home décor.

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