Natural Candles

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The colour beige is neutral and calm. Add beige candles and beige pillar candles to your home for a sophisticated look.

Natural coloured candles bring a layer of warmth to any home or event décor.  A popular tone of choice for designers and decorators, the palette is extremely versatile and can be easily adapted to suit classic or modern styling across both small and large spaces.  Barely-there hues of nude candles pair perfectly with shades of latte, ivory and toffee for a beautifully boho, tone-on-tone look.

For more of a creamy palette, use a combination of stone, nude, and chocolate candles across a range of tealights and votives to create a gentle, welcoming atmosphere.  To elevate the look, place a commanding beige pillar candle in the display, adding height and understated drama to an elegant dining room scene or captivating event tablescape.

Natural toned candles are the perfect base for creating a calm, relaxing room.  Soft natural colours have a tranquil and comforting effect, allowing accessories and furnishings to shine while adding subtle warmth and elegant simplicity.

To set your favourite beige candles apart, contrast with shades of muted or neutral shades, achieving a deep, lively feel, making a space feel refined and refreshed.  Use a canvas of natural colour candles to express yourself through accents and accessories.  Combine with floral elements such as quicksand-coloured roses to effortlessly style interchangeable displays or go bold, pairing with on-trend candle colours to create one-of-a-kind centrepieces.

Experiment with different trimmings to accentuate your natural candle collection.  Gold accessories such as our mercury candle holders add unexpected class while adding toffee-coloured candles or florals will keep a space feeling cheery and warm.  Explore the extensive collection of shapes and sizes available across the natural palette collection to find your favourite colour combination. 

From classic whites, to whisper soft ivories and warming beige candles, there is a hue and style to suit every unique candlelight vision.

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