Lovingly hand poured soy candles. Clean and natural wholesale candles in jars.

Create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere in your home, restaurant, or reception with the tranquil, soft glowing candlelight of our unscented, hand poured soy jar candles. Candlelight is a key component to creating a tranquil environment that promotes peaceful conversation and relaxed interaction.

The flicker of our hand-poured soy candlelight produces a lovely ambiance that simply cannot be replicated. Lighting a few well-placed soy candles will create softness in any room and instantly make it feel warm and welcoming.  Bespoke and hand-poured by our leading candle artisan in our Brisbane studio, our soy jar candles are exquisitely crafted from 100% renewable, sustainable and biodegradable natural soy wax.

Designed to burn cleanly and evenly, they are perfect for creating an inviting and environmentally friendly atmosphere for you and your guests to share and enjoy.  Our soy candle containers are produced using high quality glassware that reflects the soft warm glow of candlelight safely indoors and out for hours on end.

Combined with our superior, long burning, unscented soy wax, they are a popular option for customers requiring wholesale candles in jars to style large scale events and functions.  Available in a variety of heights and a selection of on-trend seasonal shades, mix and match using multiple layers of candlelight to create a refined centrepiece or long flowing tablescape. 

Popular with weddings and event stylists, home decorators can easily implement effective, yet simple styling techniques to elevate their soy candle collection.  Experiment with adding sprigs of green foliage or scattered garden flowers for everyday indoor entertaining or try placing a rustic piece of timber under the candles, elevating them slightly to allow golden candlelight to dance across the table under a star-lit sky.

An elegant, all-natural addition to any home or tabletop, explore our range of hand poured soy candles to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages wellness, gentle relaxation, and a cosy atmosphere which envelopes you and your guests for many memorable hours.

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