Cone candles add a traditional yet sophisticated touch to all living spaces. Set the mood with our cone shaped candles.

Cone candles combine the classical elegance of taper candles and the slow burning qualities of pillars to create a modern designer candle that stylishly illuminates any space.

Originally designed to create sculptural impact, effective for styling smaller side and coffee table arrangement, cone shaped candles have become a modern favourite of designers and stylists.  Tall, elegant, and interesting, they bring a sculptured beauty and sophisticated touch to any décor or event, all year round.  Self-standing with a steady flat base, cone candles are an effortless and versatile styling option.

Pair with our pillar plates to easily transfer across a variety of surfaces such as coffee tables and entrance stands to attract attention or accentuate a feature.  A great gift or eye-catching way to style your home or event, cone candles can by displayed as a stunning solo piece, or arranged as a modern statement, mixed with other candle shapes such as dinner, taper, ball and pillar to create a one-of-a-kind display. 

Choose from a curated collection of colours, from classic tints to luxe modern hues across a selection of sizes to suit your interior décor or event styling needs.  Select from soft, dreamy, and summer inspired shades, right through to pure black and white to create maximum, impact and style.

Premium and affordable quality, our stylish cone candle range makes a statement without breaking the budget. Scent-free, our cone shaped candles produce an ambient and inspired atmosphere, that encourages relaxation and artistic interest. 

Natural, ethical, and beautiful, cone candles are poured using environmentally friendly wax and finished with a 100% natural cotton wick.  Long-lasting, they are designed to stand firm, and burn with a steady, smokeless, drip free, calm flame.

Sculptural, modern, and simplistic, make a unique statement with the quality range of cone shaped candles from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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