Statement Candles

Add some extra style to your living space with our statement candles. 3 wick candles for a long-lasting burn.

Make a stylish statement with our collection of sophisticated, European style, statement candles.  Designed to enhance and complement any interior, from traditional to modern, these high quality, long-lasting statement candles make an instant impact in any room. 

Perfect for events, the design of the three wick candles creates an opulent sense of refined luxe, while the traditional single wicked pillars exhibit a subtle, understated elegance and an air of modern minimalism.  Favoured by event coordinators and wedding stylists for their high-quality and exceptionally long burn times, these extra-large three wick candles and single wick styles are available to be purchased in bulk quantities and across a range of designer sizes.  Popular with home staging professionals and interior decorators, the sleek, clean aesthetics of statement candles provides extensive styling options. 

Effective as a solitary statement pillar, creating a modern focal point or artfully arranged to create a soft glowing dining room centrepiece, these gentle giants are perfect for creating an inviting, calming, and relaxing atmosphere in any room.  Their magnanimous size and impressive stature evoke memories of wondrous receptions and desirable holiday destinations.  Style at entrances or in living rooms to replicate the sense of grandeur in your own home.

Experiment with both height and colour to complement any tablescape.  Statement candles can be effortlessly coordinated with florals and linens, allowing any candle lover to implement the simplest of touches to make the grandest of statements. 

These exceptional, high-quality candles are the largest in our environmentally friendly Moreton Eco range. Made from all-natural ingredients, they are crafted from the finest renewable, raw materials and finished with 100% cotton wicks.  Clean burning and fragrance free, confidently entertain guests for hours on end in the exquisite glow of statement candlelight.  A must-have, perfect addition to any space, home, or event.

Make a striking statement or simply express your love of candlelight with the collection of 3 wick candles and pillar statement candles from Southern Lights Candle Co today.

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