Ava Bae Botanics: Because you were made to bloom.

Ava Bae Botanics was born from a desire to develop a home and body range that celebrates the unique, restorative properties of essential oils and botanical elements. The result is this bespoke collection of handcrafted scent wares, designed to nurture and nourish both the body and home

Nourish, Nurture, Flourish, Thrive.

Intentionally created to support your self-care routine, these four words are at the very heart of our range. Our aim is to support you in cultivating a daily ritual of self-care and self-love.

Carefully selected, each fragrance blend was chosen for its beneficial properties and unique scent profile to ensure a range of botanically inspired products that uplift the spirit and restore the senses.


Be nourished by the calming blend of Geranium and Bergamot essential oils with uplifting notes of Mandarin. A delicate scent, Nourish promotes feelings of being grounded and centred.


Be enveloped by the warm and earthy blend of Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang essential oils with nurturing Geranium and Sweet Orange. A soothing scent, Nurture promotes feelings of comfort and calm.


Be uplifted by the vibrant blend of Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Jasmine essential oils combined with warm notes of Patchouli, Clove & Sandalwood. A restorative scent, Flourish promotes feelings of positivity and tranquillity.


Be inspired by the zesty blend of Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Myrtle essential oils. An invigorating scent. Thrive promotes feelings of refreshment and renewal.

Our hope is that Ava Bae Botanics will encourage you to create a haven in your home. Gently infuse your rooms with the restful fragrance of Botanics Soy Candles or unwind from the day with the Botanics Range of pampering Bath Salts and Body Wash. From the delicate scents of Botanics Room Sprays to the regenerative properties of essential oil blends, tend to your body and mind with the Ava Bae Botanics range.

Our entire range of Ava Bae Botanics products are hand made with care in our Brisbane Studio. Each product is a labour of love and the result of hundreds of hours of testing and research. We handcraft and pack each product with careful attention to ensure you receive the quality products we know you deserve.

Because you were made to bloom.

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Nourish, Nurture, Flourish and Thrive 

Made with four nurturing blends, carefully selected to support your self-care routine, Botanics harnesses the restorative properties of essential oils to bring calm to your space.

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Handmade with care 

Made for you in small batches in our Brisbane Studio using essential oils and quality ingredients.

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infographic of features and benefits in Ava Bae Botanics essential oil home and body range

Take some time for yourself 

Be enveloped by this nourishing range of handcrafted home and body products from Ava Bae Botanics.

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Experience the nuturing properties of essential oils 

Intentionally crafted to enhance your wellbeing, because you were made to bloom.

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Our Promise to You

Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

We use quality ingredients and fragrance oils to ensure your candles burn beautifully.

Hand poured with care

Hand poured with care

We hand pour and pack each product to ensure our commitment to quality.

Deluxe Scent

Deluxe Scent

Each candle is tested to ensure maximum scent load and fragrance throw.

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