Taper Candle Holders

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Luxurious glass taper candle holders. Perfect for any room, or add dinner candle holders to your table for a romantic dining experience.

Elevate the ambience of any room or dining table with the timeless and elegant design of Southern Light Candle Co’s taper candle holders.

Our collection of taper candles holders are popular with restaurants, event coordinators and home stylists for their affordable and effective ability to add a touch of class to any atmosphere.  Choose from luxe glass cylinder sleeves or simple stylish holders to suit your theme or occasion.

Taper candle holders are a timeless choice for weddings, milestone events and home entertaining.  Pair with our extensive collection of dinner and taper candles to create a stunning luminary display. 

To achieve effective minimalism, top a small table with a simple cube style glass taper candle holder, paired with a single, bold coloured taper candle.  Transform a small end table into a serious statement with a couple of glass cylinder sleeves in varying heights or cluster a collection of multileveled tapers and holders on a coffee table to add height and create intrigue.

Use taper candle holders to elegantly adorn a wedding table with impeccable style or curate an event centrepiece that is guaranteed to exude chic sophistication.  Our range of taper candle holders easily translate between modern and traditional styles.  Mix and match shapes and sizes to create a contemporary accent or bring a sense of grounding elegance. 

Made from high quality, durable materials, our glass cylinder sleeves are hollow at each end, allowing them to effortlessly slide over dinner and taper candles.  Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this ingenious design allows you to enjoy your taper candlelight in any setting for many enjoyable, lingering hours. 

Southern Lights Candle Co is proud to offer a tapered candle holder range that effectively enhances interiors and heightens the atmosphere of any space, ensuring this traditional style of candle holder never goes out of fashion.

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