Manage your candle collection with our essential candles accessories.

Our collection of candle accessories pair perfectly with our candle range, supporting your candlelight experience all year round.

Explore the collection online to learn how these affordable, effective products can assist with essential candle care, styling and long-lasting use of your favourite candles and carefully curated displays.

Wax grips, also known as candle grippers or wax buttons, help to support candles stay upright and secure in your chosen candle holder.

Easy to use, simply warm the wax grip by gently rubbing between the palms of your hands. Place the wax grip in the base of the candle holder, lightly pressing the candle on to soften and secure in place.

Wax grips are the perfect solution for stabilising and securing your favourite candlelight displays for a reassuring and enduring snug fit.

Our beeswax candle lighters are another handy candle accessory. Re-usable and made using 100% cotton wicks, they are designed to produce a clean, smokeless flame, allowing you to affordably and effortlessly light candles. From simple dining tables to complex event tablescapes, manage your candle lighting needs naturally and effectively with our beeswax candle lighters.

Coming to the range soon are candle snuffers and wick trimmers. A must have for candle lovers and the perfect accompaniment to any candle gift, these candle accessories are essential in the role of candle care.

A candle snuffer is the perfect way to extinguish candles. When lowered over a flame, the candle snuffer is designed to reduce smoke and soot whilst ensuring the wick remains upright. This allows the candle to be easily re-lit, preserving its burning quality and lifetime reliability.

Wick trimmers are designed to keep wicks fresh and flames clean. Once cool, simply trim to reveal an unblemished wick, pure and ready for your next candlelight experience.

Made from high quality materials, these stylish tools double as a lovely accompaniment to a candle display for a sense of luxe or to proudly boast your artisanal skill.

Ensure your candles last longer and burn brighter with the candle accessories collection from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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