Add a touch of sophistication with our floating candle holders. Floating candle vases and holders will ensure a long-lasting burn.

Create an enchanting atmosphere with our floating candle holders, illusively suspending candles on the surface of the water, resulting in an impressive, ethereal display.

Popular as wedding and event centrepieces, our range of floating candle vases are easily adapted to complement any home décor or occasion.  Floating candle holders are most effective when grouped together in a combination of heights, allowing the flickering candlelight to softly reflect the movement of water, creating an intriguing and tranquil ambience.

Layer along an outdoor dining table to create intimate setting, cluster a small arrangement to create a tranquil bathroom feature or experiment with sizes and textures to curate a decorative event centrepiece.  Floating candle holders provide extensive versatility for seasonal styling. 

For evening winter themes, use low height vases with cosy scented candles in classic colours to encourage a sense of warmth and promote conversation amongst closely gathered guests.  For daylight summer styling, experiment with varying heights and embellish with seasonal florals to create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Use both indoors and out, bringing a sense of calm to a living room or an essence of enchantment to a function under the stars.  From whimsical to elegant, floating candle holders can be styled to suit any theme or occasion.

Made from high quality materials, our floating candles holders are designed to stand firmly and tall, protectively encasing the flame from draughts or wind, ensuring candles burn safely and reliably for hours on end.  Available in a range of heights, widths, and textures, mix and match with our floating candle range to create a unique display to suit your event or home décor style.

Explore the range of floating candle vases online to discover how you can add a little bit of magic to your next candle arrangement with the collection of glass floating candle holders from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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