Tealights or Votives? Which is Better for Your Event?

Author: Sean McCormick  

Both the tealight and votive are great event candles...

Both the tealight and votive are great event candles.The choice of which to use for your next event will come down to which suits your needs best, based on the following 4 criteria –

  • Burn Time
  • Cost
  • Ambience
  • Clean up


  1. Burn Time

Burn time is always a major consideration, when choosing a candle for events.A tealight will last anywhere from 4 to 9 hours while a votive will last from 10 to 15 hours. You don’t want to be replacing or relighting your candles during the event. So if your event is expected to head into the wee hours of the night, then a votive is your best option.

  1. Cost

When we are under a tight budget, every dollar counts and our candle choice is not immune from this consideration.

Tealights already come in a metal or acrylic cup. The acrylic cup tealight is more expensive but a tealight is still cheaper than a votive option. Most votives require a votive holder, so you will need to factor this cost in as well.If you really want a votive, Southern Lights Candle Co offers an Acrylic Cup Votive which combines the candle and the holder for one low price.

  1. Ambience

In the end, candles are all about the mood they create.The votive is a more substantial candle and when alight in a holder, it does make an impression.However, what it does lack in size, the humble tealight can make up in sheer numbers.Creating a candle light path-way using multiples of tealights can really set the mood for your event.

  1. Clean up

You have staged another perfect event, especially with the cinishing touch of decorative candles.Now it’s time for clean up.In this regard the tealight is a perfect option.Set in its own tin or acrylic cup clean up is a cinch.They are considered disposable so they can go straight in the bin.Your normal votive and votive glass are reusable, so you will need to clean the wax out of the glass after use.Here is another advantage of the Acrylic Cup Votive: it’s priced at a level which makes it another disposable option.

Normally when planning an event one of these criterion will determine which candle is best for your event.Once your decision is made, ensure that you buy from a trusted supplier.

The experienced staff at Southern Lights Candle Co take pride in providing quality candles. We will help determine the best candle option to add that Finishing Touch to your next event.