Scented Pillar Candles

Add some extra magic to your home with our tall scented pillar candles.

Relax with our pure hand poured scented pillar candles. Natural and fragrant scented pillar candles online.

Our chic, long-lasting scented pillar candles are a great way to make a stylish statement in any space.  A beautiful addition to any home, event, or decor arrangement, effortlessly style scented pillar candles singularly for a subtle touch of scent, in clusters for elegant impact or team with our expansive range of accessories to create a stunning luminary display.

A home styling staple, scented pillar candles are effective at eliminating unwanted odours or personalising a space to create a welcoming environment that is as unique and special as its guests.  Popular with home decorators for their long burning qualities, scented pillar candles are ideal for creating a soothing, reliable, and ambient candlelight atmosphere.

Individually boxed with serious shelf appeal, our scented pillar candles make the ideal retail ready range.  Ideal for gifting all year round, their wide range of scents effortlessly align themselves with seasonal promotions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. 

Accessorise your selection of tall scented pillar candles to elevate your unique style and vision.  Pair with pillar plates to style a luxe indoor arrangement or elegantly encase in our range of glass cylinder vases to create compositions in varying depths, for outdoor entertaining.

Browse the selection of traditional and trending colours available, made from natural dyes with solid colouring evenly dispersed throughout their dense, singular size.  Available in a range of scents from subtle notes of clean, floral, and citrus to the luxe and sumptuous fragrances of gourmand and spice, our scented pillar candles cater for every personal preference and sense of style.

The entire range of scented pillar candles are made in our World Trade Fair factory by locally trained artisans using the finest quality ingredients available.  All natural, they are made from renewable plant-based wax, are vegan friendly and use 100% cotton wicks, resulting in eco-friendly, clean burning, scented pillar candles that positively contribute to the sustainable economy of our World Trade Fair team.

Create an eco-conscious, long-lasting, ambient environment with the best scented pillar candles available from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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