Scented Dinner Candles

Create a luxurious atmosphere with our scented dinner candles.

Scented dinner candles are perfect for home decor and entertaining alike. Add some extra magic with our scented dinner candles.

Enhance your tabletop or effortlessly add a touch of class to any meal with Southern Light Candle Co’s extensive range of scented dinner candles.  Timeless and elegant, scented dinner candles provide the perfect amount of soft flickering light, instantly increasing the ambience of restaurants, receptions, and home dining rooms, reflecting an air of sophistication and warmth.

Experiment with neutral tones and our clean-lined cube candle holders to create an understated, refined elegance or dress candelabras with a combination of colours and coordinated scents to create a stunning and striking centrepiece.  Our scented dinner candles are available in classic dinner sizes across a range of seasonal, designer and on-trend colours to allow customers the creative freedom to design their unique vision, craft a seasonal display or effortlessly coordinate event theming.

Crafted from premium ingredients, our scented dinner candles feature delicate notes of fresh, fruit and floral scents as well as fine fragrances of wood, spice, and gourmand.  Choose from a variety of fragrance combinations to set the mood, illuminate the room, or envelop your guests in a memorable, signature scent.

Affordable and versatile, simply swap out scented dinner candles to suit the season, atmosphere, or to complement the aromas of your meal.  Our scented dinner candles are designed to outlast the longest of banquets, allowing you to set the mood for hours of entertaining, indulge in your favourite scent and delight in your guests’ company all night long.

Handmade in our World Trade Fair factory by expertly skilled artisans, our scented dinner candles are made from vegan-friendly, renewable plant based wax and pure cotton wicks, resulting in candles that burn cleanly and evenly.

Eternally vogue, create an environment as mesmerising as your company.  From modern monochromatic displays to whimsical boho romantic tablescapes, effortlessly create your desired style with the extensive range of scented dinner candles from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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