Scented Tealight Candles

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Scented tea light candles are perfect for home decor and entertaining alike. Add some extra magic with our scented tea lights.

Southern Lights Candle Co is home to one of most affordable, high-quality ranges of scented tealight candles available in the market.  Styling with scented tealights is one of the simplest and effective ways to create a delicate sense of ambience and glow in any room or occasion.

Illuminate a living space with the soft, warm glow of our scented tealight candles, subtly enhancing any room with a personalised, signature home fragrance.  Versatile, simply change scents from one day to the next, creating the ideal ambience for the moment.

Scented tealights are the perfect partner for scent layering or creating unique scent profiles in different rooms. Choose a scent to reflect each room or purpose.  Citrus scents can energise and uplift a study environment. Floral scents can personalise a bedroom, whilst clean scents are ideal for shared living rooms and welcoming entrances.

Effortlessly create an air of festivity at events by including scented tealights in stylish tablescapes or elusively sprinkling about to softly diffuse a soothing, event themed scent amongst mingling guests.  These luxury scented candles are available in a selection of traditional and on-trend colours.  Style subtle shades with linens and cutlery to create a stunning, cohesive table display or decorate with more striking hues to complement the interiors of modern homes and venues.

Choose the right scent to ground, connect or energise you and your guests with our fragrance tealight candles. Whether you prefer notes of floral, fresh, or fruity, there is a scented tealight candle to match any occasion.

Affordable luxury, scented tealight candles the add instant impact when grouped together or create a delicate ambience when paired with our selection of intricate glass tealight holders.

Explore the range of colours and scents available to find the perfect tealight for your unique space and style with the scented tealight candle range from Southern Lights Candle Co today.

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