Moreton Eco

Our Moreton Eco Range is fair trade, hand poured, and absolutely stunning in all home decor settings.

Moreton Eco is our sustainable, eco-friendly candle brand. Ethically sourced and handmade in our World Fair Trade Organisation factory, our teams work together to produce a quality candle range that is dedicated to delivering genuine positive social impact through ethical production. Each candle is made from eco-friendly, renewable ingredients including 100% vegetable stearin, natural dyes, and cotton wicks, resulting in quality candles that are hard wearing, clean burning and contain no nasties.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes available to suit any budget or brief including tealight, votive, floating, ball, cone, taper, and pillar. With over 40 colour choices spanning the latest in seasonal shades to traditional palates, there is a candle to suit every room and event. Mix and match to curate your own eco-conscious collection.

Use cone and ball shapes to create modern décor accents, install floating and taper candles to style an outdoor event or use a combination of coveted shapes and shades to design an impressive seasonal centrepiece.

Elevate the Moreton Eco range experience with our range of matching cylinder glassware. Assemble varied heights and widths to create interest and drama, or simply enjoy the ambience of candlelight outdoors with your flame protected from the breeze.

Where style meets sensitivity, the Moreton Eco range has been developed to meets the needs of our customer and our worldwide community. We are proud to contribute to the ongoing training of skilled craftsman, supporting their development today and into the future. By purchasing a candle from the Moreton Eco range, not only are you the recipient of a beautiful, premium, eco-friendly candle, but one that is making a difference in the world.

Explore the collection online or give us a call to find out how you can incorporate a sense of style and sensitivity into your next candle collaboration with the Moreton Eco range.

Australia’s leading designer, creator, and wholesaler of affordable, premium quality candles.

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Australia’s leading designer, creator, and wholesaler of affordable, premium quality candles Australia-wide.

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