Add a sweet scent to your home with our natural room sprays and room fresheners.

The beautiful range of room sprays from Southern Lights Candle Co are ideal for stress relief, relaxation and refreshing the senses. 

Room sprays provide an immediate fragrance that will flow through your home, leaving it smelling fresh and clean.  Generously sprayed throughout the air and onto linens, room sprays are great for giving a living space an instant makeover or creating a welcoming environment that delights the senses.

Our room sprays feature complex scent compositions, exquisite ingredients and expert craftsmanship with each artisan fragrance designed to carefully emit delicate and timeless scents.

Take room sprays a spritz further by using them as perfume accents to layer the fragrance of your home.  Use scented diffusers to create a base scent, engaging room sprays to build on diffuser notes, creating sensorial experiences when walking from one room to the next.  The sophisticated yet subtle blending of perfumes subtly enhances the ambience of any home.

Choose from a variety of blends to suit your unique room, mood, or desired atmosphere.  Whether you prefer notes of floral, fresh, or fruity, or want to promote a tranquil, energetic, or refreshing vibe, there is a fragrance to suit. 

Room sprays provide fragrance flexibility, perfect for infusing homes as well as hotel rooms and workspaces with a signature scent.

Portable and refillable, take your favourite scent with you when travelling or commuting.  Crafted in our Brisbane studio, each room spray is produced using superior ingredients to ensure a quality experience with maximum scent throw.

Our room sprays are housed in high quality misting dispensers, allowing you to effortlessly control the dosage.  For maximum quality and ultimate shelf-life, we recommend not storing your room spray in direct sunlight.

Explore the range online to find the perfect scented room spray to relieve, relax and refresh your home or unique space.

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