Clean Scented Candles

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Freshen up your home with our clean smelling candles.

The clean fragrance family encompasses a transient library of scents, designed to evoke a fresh, crisp, and airy atmosphere. Think refreshing, light and aqueous scents, conjuring up images of a gentle sea breeze, freshly laundered sheets, or a cool shaded spot.

Our scent artisan expertly crafts each clean fragrance using the highest quality ingredients, to ensure a balanced blend of freshness that is aromatic, elegant, and crisp.

Clean scented candles are the perfect accessory to instantly make home interiors feel fresher and more luminesce. Welcome guests through entranceways with the revitalising scent of clean smelling candles, allowing the subtle fragrance to wash over them as it revives their senses.

A home styling staple, clean scented candles have extensive sensory appeal. From staging homes for sale to curating entertaining centrepieces, clean smelling candles provide a pure, comforting aroma, that instantly refreshes and relaxes.

Clean scented candles also provide the perfect base to experiment with scent layering. Pair with a floral or fruit scented diffuser to extend spring or summer theming, or alternatively layer with a wood fragrance room spray to evoke scents of a wood cabin encircled by wintery fresh mountain air.

Envelop your home in layered fragrance or selectively infuse individual rooms with a fresh linen candle scent, effortlessly controlling the dosage and spread to suit your personal preference.

Clean scented candles make a wonderful present. Ideal for corporate gifts, house warmings or for those who prefer just a whisper of fresh fragrance, a linen scented candle is the perfect gift giving solution to beautifully complement any sense of style.

Our collection of clean fragrances extends across our scented candle range and infuses our luxury home and body collection.

Whether you want to style your home with a clean smelling fragrance or refresh your event with an easy aromatic ambience, there is a product to suit with the clean fragrance family collection from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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