Create breath-taking candle arrangements with our five packs of candles.

Pillar and floating candle centrepiece sets are one of the most effective and easy ways to add an impressively elegant glow to your event or home décor.  Expertly designed in a lavish set of five varying heights, they form an awe-inspiring centrepiece which is deceptively simple to style.

Effortlessly combine with florals and textured linens to form a romantic wedding banquet or style with seasonal decorations such as autumnal foliage or pine firs to create themed candle arrangements guaranteed to impress.  Floating candle centrepiece sets create a soft, ambient atmosphere as the flame and movement of translucent water is gently reflected against the clear glass vase.  This transparent effect is favoured by event stylists as it allows for unobstructed views and ease of conversation between guests.

Pillar candle centrepiece sets are commanding and stunning to behold, evoking a respected sense of tradition, perfect for creating a timeless and sophisticated setting.  With exceptionally long burn times they are ideal for styling all day events such as weddings as well as a host of other formal occasions where candlelight needs to outlast the lengthiest of events. 

Extend your styling options with the pillar candle centrepiece set, available in a full spectrum of colours to match any event or home décor.  Embrace seasonal hues to refresh interiors or combine your favourite shades to create a unique colour palette for candle arrangements.

Versatile, enjoy these five-piece centrepiece sets both indoors and out.  Their high-quality glass encasement protects the flame from the breeze, while their candles are designed to burn cleanly and evenly for hours of entertaining.

Southern Lights Co makes styling easy with our collection of pillar and floating candle centrepiece sets.  Simply select your favourite shape, preferred colour, choosing a height and width to suit your unique tabletop, budget, and candlelight vision.  Explore the range online to see how simple, candlelight styling really can be.

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