Cast a lasting spell with our range of wish candles and spell candles. Simple and effective.

Illuminate your dreams and spread some magic with wish candles from Southern Lights Candle Co.

Candles hold a special place in human history and have been part of rituals, prayer, and celebrations throughout the ages.  Used in meditation and affirmation practises to focus and direct intent, they can enhance and empower our hopes, wishes and dreams.  In our quest for a mindful life, wish and wiccan candles give us a tangible focal point to direct our attention and create a powerful atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.  A thoughtful gift idea, wish candles also provide a unique and special way to illuminate a birthday celebration for a special relative or friend, commemorating their milestone event or anniversary. 

We offer an extensive range of over 40 colours to either correspond with your wish or spells intent, coordinate with interior décor or a theme with a birthday celebration. Choose from traditional tints to seasonal shades to find the perfect colour for your needs or to achieve your unique candlelight vision.  Made from the finest quality materials, our wish candles are handmade using all-natural ingredients including 100% vegetable stearin and finished with a pure cotton wick, ensuring a clean, calm burning flame to complement your wish or ritual practise.

Efficient and affordable, our wish candles are available in bulk buys for larger events or multi-use needs.  Our wish candles have been intentionally created without fragrance to allow for uninterrupted focus, visualisation, and deep concentration.  Specifically created for spell, wish and prayer, these handmade candles create an incredible ambience in any room or for your wish upon at any time of the year.  Give light to wishes and spells and embrace the elements of fire and air with our high quality, reliable wish candles.

Experience one of the most reliable and largest colour ranges of wish and spell candles Australia-wide with the collection from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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