Handmade Eco Friendly Candles

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Natural eco candles to light up the room. Sweet and fragrant handmade candles.

Southern Lights Candle Co is proud to offer to an extensive range of unscented, environmentally friendly candles as part of our Moreton Eco range.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit any budget or brief from tealight to taper, and ball to pillar, customers can choose from over 40 colour choices spanning the latest in seasonal shades and traditional tints.  Ethically sourced and produced in our World Fair Trade Organisation factory, the Moreton Eco range of handmade candles are expertly crafted by locally trained artisans to produce high quality, environmentally friendly candles that deliver genuine positive social impact through ethical production.

These hand poured candles are made from all-natural, renewable ingredients including 100% vegetable stearin, natural dyes, and cotton wicks, resulting in superior candles that are hard wearing and clean burning.  Scent and soot free, our eco-friendly candles are designed to burn calmly and evenly, resulting in a reliable candle will look as good as they make you feel.

Blend shapes and sizes to create your own unique collection of eco-candles.  Use cone and ball sculptures to create a modern décor statement, position floating and pillar candles to style a magical outdoor event or combine shapes and shades to design an impressive seasonal centrepiece. 

With so many colours to choose from, easily coordinate with your wedding colour palette or combine colours to create a theme.  Experiment with soft muted pinks and dusty shades to achieve a boho look or fuse black and white to achieve a modern monochrome interior. 

Elevate your collection with our matching range of candle holders and cylinder glassware accessories.  Assemble different heights and widths to create interest, or simply enjoy the ambience of candlelight outdoors for hours on end with your flame protected from the breeze. 

Explore the Southern Candle Co range of eco-candles online or give us a call to find out how you can incorporate a sense of style and sensitivity into your candle collection.

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