Yellow Candles

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Yellow is the colour of happiness and creativity. Add some extra joy to your living space with yellow candles and yellow pillar candles.

Timeless and trendy, yellow candles are a decorator’s dream.  They offer fresh appeal in many variations, effortlessly creating any style from a beachy retreat through to a scene stealing tabletop.  Available in a range of shapes and sizes, shop by shade to find the perfect combination to complement your home decorating aspirations or event styling goals.

Whisper soft yellow taper candles are perfect for infusing a sunny sweep of colour into a kitchen or breakfast nook.  Versatile, transition your favourite yellow taper candles to tabletops to create a warm and peaceful dining room atmosphere.

Bring a room to life with our selection of yellow pillar candles.  Vibrant hues create a luminary focal point, perfect for brightening up darker spaces whilst muted toned pillars naturally complement furnishings and radiate an air of relaxation.

Yellow candles are ideal for bringing instant cheer to any environment.  Combine yellow on yellow votive candles to create an unforgettable joyous display or pair with contrasting candles in vibrant pinks and purples for extra zing.

Yellow candles take on elegance with our stunning selection of yellow candlesticks.  Styled delicately alongside sumptuous fabrics and candle holders, elements combine to create a classy, cohesive display that warms up the expanse of any dining room, creating a dazzling, cheerful atmosphere.

Ideal for weddings, pastel yellow hues delicately adorn reception tabletops to create a spring inspired theme.  Pair with natural linens and white accents to extend styling or experiment with pops of joyful bright yellow candles to create eye catching displays that instantly elevate the vibe.

Anything but ordinary, yellow candles naturally boost the mood of any room. Simply adjust the size and quantity of candlelight to create the desired atmosphere.  Build the perfect candle colour scheme or choose your favourite yellow shade to accentuate your luminary display with the stylish collection of yellow candles from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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