Orange Candles

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Orange is the colour of warmth and enthusiasm. Add orange candles and orange pillar candles to your home for a daily energy boost.

Orange candles are one of the most versatile shades to work.  Popular for their ability to complement almost every other hue, they can add a layer of contemporary style to modern interiors, bring a sophisticated element to dining tables and even star in seasonal centrepieces from grounding autumnal scenes to Halloween showstoppers.

Southern Lights Candle Co offers a range of orange candles in various shades, shapes, and sizes to assist home decorators and event stylists create their desired visions, from complementary interiors to captivating candlelight scenes.  Perfect daytime decor, orange pillar candles provide a bold and energising vibe. Style solo for maximum impact or in varying heights to create a peppy, playful accent.

The warmth of orange taper candles adds chic elegance to a dining table.  Shades of baked clay and peach create a rich and sumptuous mood, whilst bolder tones infuse a room with vivacious ambience.

Integrate your favourite orange candles with other shades or pair with additional elements to create drama and interest.  Complementary colours such as blue work with orange to create a lush and tropical look or use moodier dark toned candles in blacks, purples, and reds, accented with amber hues to create an atmospheric display.

For a more refined, classic look, place orange votive candles in lighter shades along table runners. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, set in matching holders to softly reflect the ambient glow of candlelight for hours on end.  For minimalist styling that doesn’t require a permanent colour commitment, simply style orange candles with neutral furnishings to subtly refresh traditional interiors.

If you've warmed to the thought of using orange candles in your home or event decor, you'll love that range of hues available from Southern Lights Candle Co.  Explore the collection online to see how easy it is to brighten up a space or create a one-of-a-kind candlelight display with this versatile candle colour.

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