Green Candles

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Green is the colour of life, nature, and renewal. Green candles and accessories are a must-have for environmentally friendly homes.

Green candles provide infinite styling possibilities.  The colour variations blend easily with almost every other hue, making this a fashionable and flexible shade to work with.  Southern Lights Candle Co offers a range of shapes and sizes across a range of traditional and trending green tints to perfectly pair or complement with your unique styling vision.

Bring an airy and feminine feel to a dining room with our gently washed shades of green taper candles.  Pair with swathes of linens to create a luxe tablescape or dress with a simple white tablecloth for a more relaxed look.

Create a distinct style statement with our green pillar candles.  Use brighter hues to inject a sense of energy into a space or strategically place green tea candles to create a focal point, adding visual interest to any room. Effortlessly create a cohesive seasonal centrepiece by teaming subtle and earthy toned green candles with fresh garden foliage.  They work together to create a harmonious, inviting look when entertaining guests and instantly uplift a room, bringing the freshness of outdoors in.

For those new to styling with green, lead with a base of neutral candle colours and then have fun with small pops of your favourite green coloured candles.  As your colour confidence increases, try pairing with different candle colour combinations to achieve varying looks.  Orange and red candle accents teamed with gold accessories create a rich sense of elegance whilst purples and pinks work well with green candles to infuse a space with vitality and interest. 

The brilliance of green candles is their ability to act as a neutral backdrop for a variety of patterns and styles.  In small doses they can provide a pleasing, subtle accent to a room. In bolder tones they can add panache to a simple scene or ground a busy environment.

This adaptable and attractive colour range cleverly complements a wide range of interiors and events, making it favourite amongst home decorators and industry stylists alike.  Explore the range to learn more about the styles on offer and how you can incorporate this hue into your candlelight concept.

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