Ava Bae: Made by candle lovers, for candle lovers.

Ava Bae is about fun. Fun colours. Fresh fragrance. Family time. Happy days. Candlelit celebrations.

We make candles for candle lovers, colour lovers, and lovers of life! Because life’s too short for bad candles.

We know you want candles that smell delicious, are made with quality ingredients, and bring joy to your space. So, we've spent countless hours in testing and research to bring you just that; 100% soy candles in a curated collection of highly addictive fragrances. Bold fragrance, quality ingredients and hand-crafted care are the foundations that Ava Bae Home Fragrance is built upon.

Where it all began... It all started 25 years ago when our founder, Rebecca McCormick, was gifted a candle making set. Little could she know that this simple gift would ignite the passion for a candle making empire. But it would take a time as a retail store owner and an unexpected shortage of scented candles at Christmas time, to crystalise her vision.

Fast forward to 2010. Rebecca now owns a string of successful home decor stores in Brisbane, and with Christmas fast approaching, found herself in short supply of one of her best-selling gift items, scented candles. Being both creative and entrepreneurial, Rebecca saw an opportunity to experiment with creating a scented candle product of her own, to ensure she had a steady supply for the Christmas trade.

What was born from necessity, quickly became a full-blown passion, as Rebecca found she could create exactly the fragrances that her customers were looking for, in a quality to rival the competition. And Ava Bae was born.

Rebecca shares with us below, some of the inspiration behind the current range, her love of fragrance and its connection to place and memory.

"There's nothing better that walking into a warm room on a cold night, with a scent to take away all the business of the day, slow down and relax."

"Working with lots of fragrances all the time, I would say my nose finds a new favourite scent regularly, but I always have a giggle when I smell my old-time favourites and they instantly transport me to a place in time. Scent evokes such strong memories and moments in time. I am fascinated with the connection between scent and memory and its ability to take you somewhere a million miles away."

"Our scent collection is inspired by my family. From memories of carefree Summers spent at the family beach house, to the smell of Mum's crisp, clean linens each scent draws on memory and connection. My daughter loves baking, the sweet buttery vanilla of our Vanilla Bean Cupcake candle reminds us of time together in the kitchen. In fact, I named the brand after my daughter, who was just a baby at the time I started making candles. It's important to me to ensure that the quality of our candles and home fragrance products continue to be outstanding and worthy of bearing her name."

"25 years ago, when I was first gifted the candle making kit, the waxes used were paraffin and there wasn't the availability of natural waxes or the variety in fragrances. Today our focus is on clean burning wax, sustainability, non-toxic ingredients, recyclable materials and refilling or repurposing candle vessels to reduce waste. We are current developing new products to further our sustainability focus and can't wait to share with you the world of Ava Bae Home Fragrance."

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Happiness in a candle 

A celebration of fragrance and colour, Ava Bae exudes happiness. Our home fragrance collection includes: 300g Jar Candle, 200g Travel Tin Candle, Reed Diffuser and Maxi Tealights. All beautifully boxed in your favourite pastel shades.

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Handmade with care 

Ava Bae candles are expertly hand poured in our Brisbane studio using thoughtfully selected, quality ingredients. Each candle is the result of many hours of quality testing, fragrance blending and research to ensure your candle burns beautifully with maximum fragrance throw.

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Need help deciding?  

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Mouthwatering fragrance 

With a focus on mouthwatering, addictive fragrance, we've got the scents that will have you coming back for more...

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Our Promise to You

Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

We use quality ingredients and fragrance oils to ensure your candles burn beautifully.

Hand poured with care

Hand poured with care

We hand pour and pack each product to ensure our commitment to quality.

Deluxe Scent

Deluxe Scent

Each candle is tested to ensure maximum scent load and fragrance throw.

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We're looking to partner with quality, independent retail outlets across Australia who share our passion for quality, locally produced candles and home fragrance products. We'd love to talk with you about how we can ehance your retail offering. Apply for wholesale access below.

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