Styling your table with Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Date Posted:3 August 2020 

Bring the warmth of gold to your table with our Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holder range...


image of gold candle holder centrepiece with foliage on table



Bring the warmth of gold to your table with our Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holder range. 

There is nothing quite like the magic of candlelight. It must be something in our ancient DNA that is drawn to the mesmerising quality of a flickering flame. Candlelight creates atmosphere, relaxation and promotes conversation, the perfect addition to your dinner or celebration table. 

If you haven't yet experienced the golden glow of a candle in our Gold Mercury Glass Candle Range, you will be surprised at how beautifully the vintage Mercury Glass amplifies the warmth of the candle light and promotes the flickering effect across your tabletop. They make a truly stunning and mesmerising table centrepiece. 

There are so many ways to incorporate gold mercury candle holders into your table styling, but we will share just a few tips with you here today. 


image of gold candle holders with flickering flame on outdoor dining table



Create a classic and festive wedding or event tablescape with jsut a few simple elements. Randomly place several of our Mercury Gold Centrepiece Sets down the middle of your table. These centrepiece sets can be purchased with either white pillar candles or white floating candles as a complete set. We used pillar candles here because of their classic look and long burn times that will outlast the longest of dinner parties or wedding receptions. 

Gather a generous selection of green garden foliage and vines and place them winding in and around the gold glass candle holders. We also used a rustic piece of timber under our table centrepiece to elevate it slightly from the table top. This look is easy to recreate and certainly gives the wow factor to your guests as the golden candlelight dances across the table.

For a more festive, Christmas feel you could choose a selection of fir needles, pine branches, pine cones and berries and place these between the candle holders. This creates a stunning and timeless Christmas table centrepiece that can be recreated for years to come. 


Image of sage green taper candles in candle holders and gold mercury glass candle holders in dining table setting



Dining at home in style is fast becoming one of 2020's most popular entertaining styles. Brought about by necessity due to social distancing requirements, many people are rediscovering the joy of creating intimate dinner party celebrations and elevating the staying in experience with good food, good company and beautiful table settings. Whether in person or on Zoom, luxe dining in experiences are the new dining out. Dinner and taper candles can really add that sense of luxury and elegance to your table and elevate your dining experience. 

We love combining the classic style of our coloured Dinner and Taper Candles with the warmth of our Gold Mercury Candle Holders to create a curated candle display for your dining table. Mixing the heights of the taper candles with the different heights of gold glass holders, creates visual interest and multiple layers of candlelight on your table. Add a few sprigs of green foliage, a scattering of roses or garden flowers to finish the look. 


Image of gold candle holders with place setting and vintage napkin on wedding table


For a more contempory, minimal table centrepiece combine classic monochrome and neutral shades with gold. Choose from Taper Candle shades of Black, Ivory, Nude, Latte, Chocolate and Gold. Mix and match candle holder shapes and heights to create a balanced and modern tablescape. Add textural elements such as linen napkins or table cloths, wooden serving platters and granite or stone elements. 


Image of contemporary minimal tablesetting with black and taupe taper candles and gold candle holders


Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders are versatile and beautiful. They will enhance your table top and decor with their beautiful, ambient light. 

Shop the range and create your most beautiful tabletop today.


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Image of gold glass candle holders with green foliage on table Image of dinner and taper candles image of glass taper candle holders