Sculptural Candles - How to style the perfect candle display

Date Posted:21 July 2020 

Candles add warmth and ambience to any setting. Now you can create a contemporary sculptural display to enhance your decor...



sculptural Candles Stylish, Minimal, Dramatic


Candles add warmth and ambience to any setting. Now you can create a contemporary sculptural display to enhance your decor with our Cone, Ball and Pillar candle shapes. Available in a wide variety of colours we have a candle shape and colour to suit every occassion and home.

Curate your own collection: mix and match our Cone, Pillar and Ball Candles to create your own one of a kind statement piece. Read on for tips and images on how to style these candle shapes. 




Bold, minimal and modern, these candles will add elegant drama and depth to you space. Choose a from our Cone, Ball and Pillar Candles in classic Black or White to create a striking monochrome candle display in your home. Or combine black and white candles for a eye-catching table centrepiece. 


image of white cone candles, ball candles and pillar candles on black background

To create a balanced candle display follow the rough shape of a lopsided letter M, with the tallest candles to the left, dropping down in heights before rising in height again to a lower peak towards the right of the display before placing the smallest candles on the far right. 

For smaller candle displays you can arrange your candles in an inverted V shape with the tallest candles in the centre and the heights dropping off on each side. Be sure to overlap candles slightly as a cluster of candles, close together has a more cohesive and polished appearance.


image of black cone candles black ball candle and black pillar candle




























bohemian luxe


Soft, earthy tones to ground your space. The candles will make an eclectic and curated display to perfecly suit bohemian or natural home decor styles. Choose tones of Latte, Nude, Stone and White for a muted and peaceful colour palette. Combine our Cone Candles in various heights with our 7.5cm and 10cm Ball Candles and Pillar Candles in staggered heights. This eclectic collection will make a beautiful centrepiece on your wedding table or in your home decor. 


image of cone candles with ball candles and pillar candles in shades of taupe, nude and white


modern classic


Timeless colours in contemporary shapes. Create the modern classic look in your home with shades of Steel Blue, Sage Green and Stone. With strong, simple line these candles will bring effortless style to your space. Think mid-century modern decor with touches of gold or chrome accessories. Create the perfect coffee table arrangement by combining these candle shapes on a large metal plate or ceramic dish. Add a small floral arrangement and some coffee table books for a stylish coffee table vignette. 


image og cone candles, ball candles and pillar candles in steel blue, sage green and stone colours

image of ball candle, pillar candles and cone shape candles in a cluster.

image of green and navy candles in cone ball and pillar shaped on mantelpiece

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