How to use essential oils with Ava Bae Botanics

Date Posted:17 November 2021 

Ava Bae Botanics has been developed as the ideal natural addition to your self-care routine. Made by hand in our Brisbane studio, each product has been infused with carefully selected essential oil blends.

Wondering how to use essential oil and enjoy the many restorative benefits? We’ve made it easy for you with the Ava Bae Botanics range of essential oil home and body products.  Ava Bae Botanics has been developed as the ideal natural addition to your self-care routine. Made by hand in our Brisbane studio, each product has been infused with carefully selected essential oil blends to harness their uplifting and nourishing properties. Making it simple for you to use essential oil products as part of your daily routine

One of the easiest ways to enjoy essential oil benefits is with one of the four Botanics candle blends. To restore a sense of calm to your space, simply light a Nurture essential oil candle and be enveloped by the calming fragrance warm and earthy patchouli, ylang-ylang, geranium and sweet orange essential oils. Each candle has been infused with a unique blend of fragranced essential oils and will fill the air with delightful scent accompanied by the relaxing flicker of candlelight.

To quickly transform the mood and fragrance of your space, an essential oil room spray is the ideal choice. Ava Bae Botanics Flourish room spray will instantly uplift with its vibrant blend of sweet orange, bergamot and jasmine essential oils combined with warming patchouli, clove & sandalwood oils. Flourish promotes feelings of positivity and tranquillity.

For the ultimate in relaxation at the end of a working day you simply cannot beat a warm bath and the essential oil infused bath salts from the Botanics range. We love the Nourish Bath Salt blend to ground and centre you after a busy day. The delicate blend of geranium, bergamot and mandarin essential oils is both calming and uplifting.

To truly immerse yourself in luxurious fragrance, indulge in Botanics Body Wash to complete your bath time ritual. Choose to layer your favourite fragrance of select a complimentary scent from the range of essential oil infused body washes.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with essential oils, there are several easy ways to use our Botanics essential oils. Blend a few drops of Thrive essential oil with a carrier oil and use in an oil burner to gently fragrance your home or office space. Or pop a few small drops into a running bath and enjoy a fragrant and calming soak.

Whether using a restful Botanics candle or luxurious bath salts, you will feel nurtured and nourished by this essential oil range.

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