How to Incorporate Ball Candles Into Your Table Centerpiece

Date Posted:2 December 2021 

Curate your own unique sculptural candle centrepiece with our range of stylish, ball candles today.


Modern, bold, and minimal, sculptural ball candles add a modern, contemporary look to any interior or event space. Sphere candles add warmth and interest to your space and when combined with other candle shapes create a striking centrepiece or tabletop display.

Creating sophisticated centrepieces and adding drama to event tablespaces, ball candles have become popular with interior and event stylists. Round candles have become the perfect addition to centrepieces, table settings, side tables and mantle displays when looking to create a modern display with visual impact. Treat your tabletop to a decadent candlelit display and wow dinner guests with a striking display of elegant sphere candles down the centre of your table.

Try experimenting with colour and size and choose seasonal shades to compliment your décor. Pair Ball Candles with Cone and Pillar candles for a one-of-a-kind, curated centrepiece. Continue reading for tips and inspiration on how you can incorporate ball candles into your table centrepiece.

Dining table – Monochromatic

Create a modern, minimalist table setting with a monochrome palette of soft greys, black and white, combined with candles of different heights and shapes. Use a combination of Ball, Cone, Pillar and Dinner Candles for a contemporary candle statement piece.

Outdoor entertaining – Incorporating Florals

Adorn your tabletop with a carefully curated sculptural candle collection. Pair fresh florals with a selection of neutral Ball Candles in soft and delicate neutral shades to create a lush, atmospheric dining experience.

Wedding Centrepiece – Soft and Romantic

Mix and match shades of nude, pink and the purest of white for a soft and dreamy inspired candle display. Perfect for your wedding centrepiece or bridal table, these ball shaped candles are the showstopping element you need.

Monument trio set

Create your own contemporary sculptural candle display at home or for your next event with our Monument Candle Trio. Instantly transform your coffee table or side table with this curated set of bold, architectural candle shapes. Bold, minimal and modern, the Monument Candle Trio is a unique sculptural centrepiece which will add drama and depth to your space.

Available in 7.5cm and 10cm diameters and 27 colours, these stunning, spherical candles will make a striking display on your table or sideboard. Curate your own unique sculptural candle centrepiece with our range of stylish, ball candles today.