How to Burn Candles Outdoors

Date Posted:30 March 2021 

Burn Dinner and Taper Candles beautifully and safely with the addition of glass Cylinder Sleeves.

How to Burn Candles Outdoors

Cylinder Sleeves: The must have candle accessory for open-air entertaining. 


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Burn Dinner and Taper Candles beautifully and safely with the addition of glass Cylinder Sleeves. Reflecting the glow of your flame over and over, Cylinder Sleeves bring a magical touch to your wedding table. 

The must have addition to any candlelit, outdoor dining event, Cylinder Sleeves help to protect your candle flame from breezes, ensuring a more even, consistent, clean burn.  Available in 3 sizes to suit both dinner and taper candles, read on for our guide to help you select the right size sleeve for your candles. 



Outdoor events can be a challenge when it comes to keeping wedding candles burning cleanly and alight. Cylinder sleeves are the must-have candle accessories for any open-air entertaining to ensure that your candles are well protected and burn brightly. 

Hollow at both ends, Glass Cylinder Sleeves slide easily over your dinner and taper candles and candle holders. Not only do Cylinder Sleeves protect the candle flame, keeping your candles alight, they also help to prevent excessive candle wax dripping, by protecting the candle itself from breezes. Air movement from air conditioning vents, open doorways and outdoor breeze are the main causes of dripping candles. Cylinder Sleeves, paired with an appropriate candle holder and candle plate will assist in preventing candle drips and will protect delicate linens and surfaces at outdoor weddings.

With many wedding venues now implementing “no naked flame” policies, Candle Cylinder Sleeves provide a new alternative to meeting the safety requirements of the venue, when only real candlelight will do. Timeless Dinner candles encased safely in a clear glass candle sleeves create a romantic ambience that your guests are sure to remember long after the event.


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Available in three sizes, to suit most Dinner and Taper Candles, 6.5cm x 35cm, 8cm x 40cm and 10cm x 45cm. Check out our candle reference guide below to choose your size.

Always keep in mind both the height and width of the candle holders you are planning to use and allow enough width and height for both the candle and holder to fit inside the sleeve. We recommend our Cube Glass Candle Holder as the ideal match with both Dinner and Taper candles and sleeves of all sizes.


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infographic of taper candles and matching glass cylinder sleeve sizes


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