Autumn / Winter 2020 Wedding Colour Trends - Dark and Moody.

Think rich plum and burgundy shades with sultry black and charcoal...

image of dark and moody wedding reception table with black taper candles

image of dark and moody text

One of this years hottest wedding and home decor trends is a dark and moody colour palette.

Think rich plum and burgundy shades with sultry black and charcoal. Sumptuous textures of velvet and silk layered with gold flatware and abundant jewel toned florals.

Drawing inspiration from the lush colours of nature with dark grape, burgundy and pomegrate tones, the Dark and Moody colour creates a dramatic atmosphere in any space.

With over 36 colours in our Moreton Eco Candle Collection, we have all the colours you nee to recreate this look in your home or event.

Image of grapes, roses and flowers in deep burgundy shades


Mix and match shapes and colours of candles to create interest on your table or mantlepiece.

Create your own sculptural candle collection by combining Pillar Candles with Cone Candles and Ball Candles.  


Trending 'Dark and Moody' candle shades below: Burgundy, Black, Pastel Pink,

Emerald Green, Plum & Charcoal.

image of burgundy coloured dinner candleimage of pastel pink pillar candle image of plum coloured taper candleImage of Charcoal coloured Pillar Candle

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