Add a sweet scent to your home with our scented diffusers. Natural reed diffusers and much more.

Southern Light Candle Co’s range of scented diffusers will subtly infuse a signature fragrance throughout your home, office or any room that requires aromatic embellishment.

Like a scented candle, scented diffusers are effective at creating a tranquil and welcoming environment.

Each fragrance has been created to ensure the top, middle and base notes blend in perfect harmony to provide the ultimate fragrance experience.  Choose from fruity, floral, and fresh fragrances to grounding scents of wood, gourmand, and spice to find the perfect diffuser for your unique space and personal sense of style.

Encased in stylish glass vessels and paired with natural rattan reeds, each scented diffuser is crafted using premium quality ingredients and materials to ensure a long-lasting, exceptional fragrance throw. 

Suitable for use in any sized space, you can easily manage the strength of scent by reducing the number of reeds or frequency of turning.  For continuous diffusion, flip reeds during the first two weeks of use, and then rotate weekly or when required to refresh the scent.  To reduce the intensity of the fragrance or tailor to suit a smaller space, simply remove some of the reeds.

Exceptional value, our scented diffusers will disperse a perfumed whisper throughout your environment for months on end.  We recommend keeping your reed diffuser away from draughts, doorways, and windows to ensure it reaches its full life expectancy.

Professionally packaged, our scented diffusers have serious shelf appeal, making them the perfect retail ready range or a luxury gift for the stylish home decorator.

Envelop your home in fragrance or selectively infuse individual rooms with signature scents.  Simply set and forget while your diffuser does the work, creating a personally scented atmosphere. 

Hand-made to order in our Brisbane studio, we offer same day shipping, Monday to Friday for prompt delivery of your favourite reed diffuser Australia wide.

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