Gourmand Food Candles

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Enhance your dining experience with our luxurious gourmand and dessert candles

Gourmand is one of the newest scents in the fragrance family. Inspired by indulgent desserts and succulent notes of sweet and savoury, gourmand fragrances resemble food flavours to create scrumptious scents worth swooning over.

Think edible notes of creamy vanilla and buttery caramels, to perfectly paired scents of champagne and strawberries. Their delectable scents can regress you into the protective cocoon of childhood memories or reflect modern indulgence of sumptuous banquets.

Indulgent and enchanting, if you love vanilla, are comforted by the aroma of chocolate, or are charmed by the distinctive scents of cinnamon, musk and amber, then you will love the gourmand fragrance family.

Gourmand candles tend to be warmer in scent, lending themselves to evening events and cooler daytime styling when we want a fragrance to wrap around us like a comforting blanket.

This tempting foodie fragrance is both feminine and masculine in its appeal. Decadent and seductive, a delicious fruit candle is ideal for styling a romantic dinner date or intimate event, extending the fragrance experience for an evening to remember.

Also great for interior styling, whether you want your home to smell like a bakery or a bottle of just-popped champagne, gourmand candles will transform any space into a dreamy scent haven.

For foodies and lovers of dessert, this fragrance family will be just what your sweet tooth ordered. Often referred to as dessert candles, gourmand candles are fantastic for styling displays and tablescapes, inspiring intrigue and creating a unique atmosphere that smells edible and delicious.

Beautifully packaged, our range of gourmand candles are unique gift idea for a foodie friend or can be styled as impressive retail ready range.

Made from high quality ingredients, our food scented candles are designed to burn cleanly, evenly and smell almost good enough to eat.

For a totally unique signature scent, explore the range of gourmand candles from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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