Floral Candles

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Floral candles can turn your home into a springtime paradise. Discover our range of flower scented candles.

Floral is the most popular of all the scent families. Feminine and gentle on the nose, it is reminiscent of a fresh bouquet of flowers, conjuring up images of weddings, garden parties and spring blossoms.

Whilst each of our products are unique in their scent composition, floral fragrances tend to be garlanded with notes of jasmine, peony, gardenia, lily, rose, orange blossom and magnolia.

A classic wedding scent, floral is as sophisticated as it is elegant. A floral candle is the perfect accessory to complement a romantic reception tablescape. Extend the experience by delicately misting linens and napkins with a floral scented room spray to encompass table settings and further envelop guests in the elegance and romance of the event.

Choose your favourite floral candle scents to develop personalised wedding bonbonnieres. With a signature scent to match your reception, guests will be able to recall fond memories when they light their floral scented candle bonbonnieres, creating a subtle sensory connection with the special occasion.

Delicate floral fragrances are well suited to living spaces and bedrooms thanks to their soothing and calming properties. Diffusers are effective for creating subtle background fragrance while our room spray adds an instant flourish of floral fragrance to any sized space.

A floral candle is the ideal complement to a relaxing evening of outdoor entertaining. A long-lasting floral scent will enhance the aroma of outdoor plantings whilst whisking guests away on a scented journey, reminiscent of botanical gardens and lush green expanses.

A flower scented candle is an ever-popular gift idea, perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. Joyful and soothing, floral scents celebrate and commemorate any occasion. Our floral scented, soy candle gift range is beautifully packaged, making for an impressive present or retail ready gift range.

Our collection of floral fragrances and products are vast, ranging from single floral note tealights to mixed bouquets of bath salts and body wash. Whether you want to style your home with a pleasing, soothing fragrance or imbue your event with exquisite floral style, there is a floral scented product in the collection to suit you and your unique needs.

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