Citrus Candles

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Discover citrus scented candles in orange, lemon, lime, and so much more.

Citrus fragrances embody the scents of fruits such as lemon, bergamot, orange, and mandarin. Citrus fragrances are zesty, fresh, and light, providing refreshing and effervescent notes that bring an air of optimism and an easy elegance to home interiors and entertaining spaces.

Citrus scents are used through the seasons. Known for their uplifting effect, these bright, invigorating fragrances can make a room feel more energised, perfect for refreshing spaces during cold, dim winters or celebrating the sunnier seasons of spring and summer.

Warmer weather dictates a lighter approach to your interior signature scent. Choose from our selection of vivacious, citrus scents to refresh styling and revitalise your environment.

A well-placed citrus candle will brighten any room. Strategically place your favourite citrus scented candle on a side or coffee table to envelop senses with a sweet and zesty vigour. Alternatively, create a seasonal centrepiece designed to impress, teamed with real fruits and our collection of citrus hue inspired candle colours for maximum impact.

Refresh your home with an enchanting citrus candle blend, making rooms seem larger and brighter. Great for crisp smelling bathrooms and kitchens, the aroma of a citrus candle provides a fresh, clean, and relaxing atmosphere at any time of the day.

Citrus fragrances are undeniably pure, lively, fresh, and light, making them perfect for weddings. Tablescapes teaming with seasonal florals, swathes of natural linens, and a delicately curated citrus candle display, beautifully reflects the happy, bright tone of the occasion, whilst naturally inspiring a festive ambience amongst guests.

Garden fresh and effervescent, this playful fragrance family evokes memories of a day at the beach or dreams of skipping through a sprawling citrus grove.

Versatile and varied, ranging from pure citrus notes to complex blends, any way you slice it, you’re sure to find the perfect citrus solution to suit your mood, home or event with the citrus scent collection from Southern Lights Candle Co.

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